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‘Cute’ Yingluck was wise to fleeThailand before her verdict

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Re: “Wanted,” front page leader, August 26.



Readers (probably not many) may be interested to know that I just got off the phone with Horace Beasley. Connie has locked him in the garage again because of some ill-considered remarks he made about slavery (“It’s not so bad if they’re female and cute”). Alas, despite some (not many) endearing qualities, Horace has always been a right-wing troglodyte. 
As I write, we do not yet have the Supreme Court’s verdict on Yingluck. But given the stiff sentences (42, 36, 40 years, etc) already issued to her former subordinates, I think we may safely infer that the Supreme Court is not currently inclined to play Mr Nice Guy.
If that is the case, Yingluck was wise to flee. Adieu to the fond and feckless fantasy of my fellow Oldie and alter ego Ye Olde Theologian, that the dharma (in the form of compassion) would prevail (“Judgement day approaches,” Letters, July 27). Theo, as we call him, has to face the rude fact that Thailand under its current rulers can hardly be considered a dharmic society, except in the wildest fantasies of the terminally immature.
But I digress. Horace wishes me to communicate that he will always be a loyal fan and ardent adorer of his “Sweet Yingsy”, no matter what she does or where she may be. (Current betting among Oldies is that she is in either Dubai or Montenegro.) As Horace constantly affirms, “Cuteness excuses a multitude of sins.” And as your front-page photo of her testifies, Yingluck is nothing if not cute.
Ye Olde Pedant

Published : August 26, 2017