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Boxer Piamwilai Complains Poor Facilities

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National boxer Piamwilai Laopiam complained about the facilities at the Olympics Athlete Village in Rio de Janeiro where she had to use a wash basin to take bath.



The flyweight fighter had moved into the village on Monday and found out that the shower does not work.

"I have to use a cut plastic bottle to scoop water out of the wash basin and wash my body. It's not convenient but I have to endure," the boxer complained.

Piamwilai, who is participating in her first Olympics, also bemoaned about the dust within the building while there is no equipment to clean the room. She also complained about the poor drainage system that makes it nauseating for athletes.

"There's dust everywhere in the building. I have to use my own towels I brought along from Thailand to wipe my foot," she said.

She also had to share a room with a fellow male compatriot as she is the only female in the five-member team but she didn't consider it as the problem as they are quiet familiar with each other. However, she said the security is quite tight and the training venue very impressive.

"There are soldiers everywhere. We are safe," said she said.

Meanwhile, Australia's Olympic delegation, which refused to move into its Rio apartments due to a spate of problems, took a dig at the city's mayor by arriving at the complex with a kangaroo in tow. After the delegation complained of blocked toilets and leaky pipes over the weekend, Rio Mayor Eduardo Paes, who has repeatedly found himself on the defensive over Olympic conditions, quipped that he should perhaps put "a kangaroo in front of their building to make them feel at home."

Published : July 28, 2016

By : Lerpong Amsa-ngiam -The Nation