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Every country must have rules for its survival

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Re: ‘A law that kills freedom of expression’, Letters, February 26, 2016.



The writer accuses his critics of being “horrible human beings”; that even though he is fighting against cruelty and injustice, yet has been criticised by these people.
Personally, I have never met anyone who claims to be a vegetarian, and yet has such a bad temper and enjoys severely nitpicking those who do not agree with him.
As for Thailand’s lese majeste law, it was written because every country is an institution, just like a family, a village or a city – that must have some rules of law for its survival.
For example, if we are on the same boat, and someone on it tries to bore a hole on the side of that boat, what should we do to save the boat from overturning?
As for democracy, show me two countries that have exactly the same rules or laws and I will agree to all of your opinions.
As for this writer, if he is living in this country without happiness, what’s keeping him from spending the rest of his life elsewhere?
Vint Chavala

Published : February 27, 2016