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Police slammed for not arresting

The owners of the Royal Rose Private Hospital in Mandalay Region, for whom arrest warrants were issued three months ago, are reportedly hiding within the country, and local people have criticised law enforcement authorities for their failure to apprehend



Police in January launched an investigation into a clinic named Health News, which was located on the third floor of the hospital, for providing medical treatment without a licence, receiving Chinese citizens without permission and distributing pornography.
The couple who owned the hospital - Tin Maung and Nan Hla Sein - and six Chinese citizens have since been at large and were declared fugitives.
“Tin Maung and his wife informed us that they would come for a trial after receiving medical treatment in Singapore. But we are keeping a close watch on their former houses in Sagaing and Mandalay,” said police colonel Thet Naing, deputy head of the Mandalay Region Police Force.
“It is not necessary to thoroughly search and arrest them because they are neither murderers nor bombers. They will become the culprits only after a court decision.”
However, local residents have come out against the police force's failure to arrest the suspects.
Some residents pointed out that the police are thoroughly searching for the students who participated in last month’s protest against the National Education Law, but for illegal medical practitioners police are just watching their houses.
“They are combing the houses of student protestors to arrest them. In one case, police even stopped and pushed down a motorbike to arrest the rider. Actually, it is easy to arrest businessmen like Tin Maung. But why don’t they make arrests? I wonder if he has close ties with a certain person in power," said Amar Ni, a local resident who works in student affairs.
According to sources close to the suspects, the hospital owners are still in the country, although they claimed they are in Singapore for medical treatment.
A local businessman said when the couple signed a business contract with the Mandalay City Development Committee and Myanmar Investment Commission, the construction of the hospital was not included in the agreement.

Published : April 03, 2015

By : Nyein Zaw Lin Yin Myo Thwe M