Tuesday, August 03, 2021


Soursop leaves not a cure for cancer, warn doctors

There is no evidence to show that soursop leaves can be used to treat cancer, the Department of Medical Services warned.



However, Dr Somsak Akksilp, the department’s director general, said soursop leaves do contain substances that may help with inflammation and tumours.

“Though there are some studies indicating that soursop leaves can treat cancer better than chemotherapy, these studies were only conducted on cells and animals,” he said. “Hence, it cannot be definitively said that soursop leaves can treat cancer in humans.”

Dr Jinda Rojanamatin, director of the National Cancer Institute, said human studies are necessary and must cover several areas such as effects on cancer stem cells, cell signalling, separation of substances, toxicology, safety, quality control and product standards.

“There are a variety of soursop-derived products available, such as capsules and tea, but consumers must check the ingredients before consuming and consult a doctor immediately if there are any abnormal symptoms,” he said. “Cancer patients should see a doctor before using the product.”

Published : August 25, 2020

By : The Nation