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THAI Europe flights resume after cancellations

Thai Airways International (THAI) has resumed flight between Bangkok and Europe on Thursday after cancellations due to Pakistan's emergency closure of its airspace.



Flights from Bangkok to Europe and from Europe to Bangkok normally fly over Pakistan’s airspace but since the closure, THAI had asked for authorisation to fly to the continent over China’s airspace, the airline said on Thursday.
THAI’s flights from Bangkok to Europe to be resumed are:
Day flights on Thursday, February 28, 2019:
-TG974 Bangkok-Moscow [delay from actual schedule]
-TG916 Bangkok-London
-TG922 Bangkok-Frankfurt
TG962 Bangkok-Stockholm

Night flights on Thursday, February 28, and early morning of Friday, March 1, 2019
-TG920 from Bangkok-Frankfurt
- TG910 from Bangkok-London
-TG924 from Bangkok-Munich
-TG930 from Bangkok-Paris
-TG934 from Bangkok-Brussels
- TG940 from Bangkok-Milan
- TG936 from Bangkok-Vienna
- TG960 from Bangkok-Stockholm
- TG970 from Bangkok-Zurich
-TG950 from Bangkok-Copenhagen
-TG954 from Bangkok-Oslo
THAI will reroute its flights from Bangkok-Karachi-Bangkok on TG507 and TG508 on Thursday by flying to and from Muscat and will not stop in Karachi.
Flights from Bangkok-Lahore-Bangkok on TG345 and TG346 on Thursday are also cancelled.
THAI said it was closely monitoring the situation and asked passengers to call THAI at +662 356 1111 24 hours or visit for updates on the flight schedule.
THAI passengers who hold tickets on routes affected by flight cancellation may change their itinerary. Fees and charges will be exempted, and conditions apply.

Published : February 28, 2019

By : The Nation