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Military Court issues warrant for Monta on lese majeste

THE MILITARY Court yesterday approved another arrest warrant for Monta “Ying Kai” Yokratanakan over alleged violation of the lese majeste law.



According to police, Monta allegedly violated the law in 2015 when trying to deceive a girl. 
Meanwhile, more alleged victims have come forward to take legal action against Monta. 
She currently faces charges of perjury, human trafficking, attempted human trafficking and lese majeste. 
Yesterday, three more alleged victims including a monk lodged complaints of fraud and intimidation against her with Crime Suppression Division. 
Warisara Kaewplang, the former editor of a local newspaper in Phitsanulok province, said Monta had hosted banquets for students between 1993 and 1997 incurring expenses of more than Bt200,000 that she had refused to pay. 
“When I demanded payment, she accused me of extortion and filed defamation complaints against me. She caused me so much trouble that I had to move to another province,” Warisara said. 
Saiyai Yingphum, an 87-year-old businesswoman, said Monta and the abbot of Yeepa Temple had deceived her into paying Bt2.8 million in the hope of getting a royal decoration and the “khunying” title. 
“Later I learned that they were swindlers,” she said. 
The elderly woman previously had lodged a complaint against the abbot with the Ayutthaya monastic chief. 
As a result, Phra Samu Chaowalit Kittimethee said the monastic chief had assigned him to inspect Yeepa Temple and dismantle it because apparently there were not any monk residents there. 
“But then a person claiming to be the temple’s abbot and Ying Kai came with a group of robust men and threatened me to prevent me from carrying out the operation,” he said. 
Monta is now in detention and a court has refused to grant her bail. 
Metropolitan Police Bureau acting chief Pol Lt-General Sanit Mahathaworn said Yesterday the Criminal Court has issued an arrest warrant for Monta on charges of human trafficking. 
The warrant was based on evidence suggesting that Monta had lured three hilltribe women to work as servants between May 2008 and October 2010. 
Sanit said authorities were also trying to help two Laotian workers who worked for Monta in 2011 after learning that she had lodged complaints against them accusing them of theft. 
“The two Laotians now face arrest due to complaints that they stole valuables worth Bt2.92 million from her,” he said. 
Sanit said it is likely the two Laotians have already returned to their country but authorities would do what they could to help them. 
Regarding the investigation of 16 policemen who allegedly helped Monta file complaints against her victims, Sanit said he has not seen the investigation report yet. 
“But I’ve heard that another one or two police officers were also involved, and that they have all been found to have violated regulations,” he said. 
However, he added, if they had not accepted bribes, their wrongdoing would not be considered grave disciplinary offences. 

Published : July 21, 2016

By : Supachai Phetthewee The Natio