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Twitter Reveals 4 Key Conversation Themes in Thailand

Twitter research found four unique cultural themes on Twitter in Thailand and uncovered 10 conversational topics that shape them



Twitter is where people connect and converse. It’s where communities are formed and people engage in conversations. Thais come to Twitter to find out #WhatsHappening, connect with others, and join in conversations on a diverse range of topics. From entertainment to sports, TV to movies, beauty to current affairs; people are finding out and sharing the latest updates about these topics, and much more, on Twitter.

Conversations are at the heart of Twitter and a single Tweet can have a wide-ranging impact. Twitter took a deep dive into over 64,000 Tweets in Thailand to find out more about the power of Tweets and how Thais shape their own unique culture through conversations and communities.

Speaking of this recent research, Martyn U'ren, Head of Research APAC & Global Export - Twitter, said, "From the outset, our aim was to get an accurate view of conversations on Thai Twitter. While some conversations are louder than others, what we found was that Thai conversations are diverse and vibrant. The research has shown an interesting layering of conversational topics that form four key cultural themes. What does this mean? Our findings will help Thais to better understand the diverse communities on Twitter while providing Thai and international brands with unique insights into conversational themes and topics on Twitter in Thailand."

This research found four unique cultural themes on Twitter in Thailand and uncovered 10 clear conversational topics that shape them. It uncovered that Thais on Twitter are a manifestation of Thai culture and that people showed a huge span of affinities in conversations, and that diversity is the norm.

1. Personal Musings - Everyday Chatter, Love and Relationships, Self-Reflection

This is the largest space comprising 45% of the total conversation volume on Twitter in Thailand and it’s where people engage in everyday chatter – sharing their daily routine, commute and the mundane in their lives. It’s also a safe space for people to pour out their hearts and Tweet about love and relationships - their lack of, desire for, and moments with their significant others.

Thais tend to also share their daily pain points in moments of self-reflection. This might literally be small physical aches and pains like a minor headache or fatigue, though Thais also like to comment on the weather – the unbearable heat during the hot season and their desire for the rainy season to arrive.

Twitter Reveals 4 Key Conversation Themes in Thailand

2. Community and Connection - Current Affairs, Passions, Local Marketplace

Twitter is an essential part of Thais’ lives and research found that the community and connection space accounted for 35% of total conversational volume. Actively using Twitter to stay connected with their communities as well as keep themselves updated with #WhatsHappening around them, Thais Tweet regularly about current affairs; from COVID updates to cryptocurrency to local or regional politics.

Whether it's music, sports, food or shopping; Thais also like to share their passions on Twitter. From beauty to food to restaurants and the latest fashion, Thais actively review products they've bought and places they've been. For entrepreneurs, Twitter is the place to sell their wares. From home cooked food and confectionery to clothing, fan merchandise and crafts; Thais have made Twitter their local marketplace where they showcase their creativity and products they've made for sale.

Twitter Reveals 4 Key Conversation Themes in Thailand

3. Beauty and Wonder - Curated Aesthetics, Celebrity and Fandom, Hopes and Dreams

Accounting for 16% of conversational volume, this space sees Thais on Twitter sharing Tweets about common interests that people can marvel at. Using curated aesthetics like a photo album or digital scrapbook, people like to share places or items of beauty. Visual Tweets of everyday scenes such as cafes, beautiful homes, nature, beaches and more are common. Celebrity and fandom is another popular conversation in this space and comes alive on Twitter. From K-Pop, in particular Thai stars such as BamBam (@BamBam1A) from GOT7 (@GOT7Official) and #Lisa from BLACKPINKOFFICIAL (@BLACKPINK), to local artists such as Peck Palit (@peckpalit) and 4EVE (@4eveOfficial), and celebrities, Thais are avid fans of everything celebrity.

While the pandemic brought struggles for some, Twitter also saw hopes and dreams emerge as a key theme with people Tweeting their travel nostalgia and engaging with others by asking “Where would you travel after COVID?”

Twitter Reveals 4 Key Conversation Themes in Thailand

4. Betterment and Aspiration - Podium for Celebration, Inspirational and Uplifting

With 4% of the total conversational volume; conversations here are centered around motivations and inspiration, with people expressing their best selves. As a podium for celebration, Thais on Twitter proudly share their joy and celebrations - from graduation, good grades, birthdays, to anniversaries and more.

Thais are also generous with uplifting each other and Tweets in this space are inspirational and uplifting. Twitter is like a support network where people encourage each other through tough times – Tweets are often general, not aimed at any specific person, but for the community at large, in the event somebody needs the support.

Twitter Reveals 4 Key Conversation Themes in Thailand

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Published : June 29, 2021