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Thailand’s talent ranking slips five places in 2017 IMD report

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Thailand’s talent ranking has dropped five places to 42nd among the 63 countries surveyed by Switzerland-based IMD, according to the “IMD World Talent Report” released on Tuesday.



The survey looked into three key areas: investment and development, appeal and readiness. 
Thailand gets the same ranking on appeal this year as last year, but does poorly in the other two categories. 
Investment and development covers total public expenditure on education, public expenditure on education per pupil, pupil-teacher ratio, apprenticeships, employee training, female labour force and health infrastructure. 
Appeal covers the cost-of-living index, attracting and retain talent, worker motivation, brain drain, quality of life for foreign highly skilled personnel, remuneration of management, effective personal income tax rate, and personal security and private property rights. 
Readiness is related to labour force growth, skilled labour, finance skills, international experience, competence of senior managers, educational system, science in schools, university education, language skills, student mobility inbound, and educational assessment.

Published : November 21, 2017

By : The Nation