Sunday, March 29, 2020
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Kazakhstan the Heart of Eurasia
In David Goodsell's painting, the virus is seen in cross section. MUST CREDIT: David S. Goodsell/RCSB Protein Data Bank/ doi: 10.2210/rcsb_pdb/goodsell-gallery-019
Coronavirus is a killer, but this artist won't reduce it to a cartoon villain
Mar 25. 2020
Currently, the only visible part of the Raphael show is advertisements. MUST CREDIT: Bloomberg photo by Vernon Silver.
The biggest art show of the year has been thrown into darkness
Mar 24. 2020
Take a break from Covid-19 with Thai classics on YouTube
Mar 23. 2020
An oil-on canvas painting measuring 60cm by 120cm by Đặng Đình Ngỡ
Online art auction raises funds to fight COVID-19
Mar 23. 2020
Sanjog Manandhar/TKP
Brigitte Steinmann: ‘Studying culture helps to understand the aesthetic feeling of a society’
Mar 21. 2020
These Ghosts are Family
Photo by: Simon and Schuster — handout
Book World: In Maisy Card's 'These Ghosts Are Family,' resentments are passed down from one generation to the next
Mar 14. 2020
The Mirror and the Light
/Photo by: Henry Holt — handout
Book World: 'The Mirror and the Light' is a masterful finale to Hilary Mantel's Cromwell trilogy
Mar 12. 2020
Screenshot of 2019 Arko Selection’s play “Matryoshka,” streamed on Naver TV (Arko)
Show must go on, even if it’s online
Mar 11. 2020
Borders re/make Bodies: Chiang Mai Ethnography - Conceptualising Borders / Bodies No. 1: Samak Kosem
Thai artist Samak's ethnographic work on display at exhibition in Singapore
Mar 10. 2020
Rock Martizez's
Look up! Airports offer compelling art for busy travelers
Mar 08. 2020
Anya Taylor-Joy stars as Emma Woodhouse in director Autumn de Wilde's
Five myths about Jane Austen
Mar 08. 2020
Edgar Degas' 1867-1868 portrait of Eugénie Fiocre, a principal dancer with the Paris Opéra Ballet. MUST CREDIT: Brooklyn Museum
It was at the Paris Opéra that Degas found the whole world - and his own tormented self
Mar 07. 2020
Ernesto Cardenal, Nicaraguan poet, priest and revolutionary, dies at 95
Mar 03. 2020
Sci Fi books to read in the time of the coronavirus
Photo by: DoubledayBantam — handout
Book World: Coronavirus feels like something out of a sci-fi novel. Here's how writers have imagined similar scenarios.
Mar 03. 2020
Lisel Mueller, Pulitzer-winning poet who channeled history into verse, dies at 96
Feb 24. 2020
Lost Motherland (White Blood)
Chapter 1 of The Invisible Other to be held at Richard Koh Projects in Bangkok
Feb 24. 2020
A Scheme of Heaven
Photo by: Norton — HANDOUT
Book World: Why astrologers were the original data scientists
Feb 22. 2020
‘Whose reality is it?’ Jirawut’s new exhibition asks
Feb 19. 2020
Trouble Is What I Do
Photo by: Mulholland — HANDOUT
Book World: Five new thrillers and mysteries to help escape reality - or see it in another light
Feb 18. 2020
The Resisters
Photo by: Knopf — HANDOUT
Book World: Gish Jen's 'The Resisters' reminds us of the importance of standing up for what's right
Feb 18. 2020
Gallery 36 to hold 'Jardin Botanique' exhibition of artist Fuanglada
Feb 16. 2020
Japan plans to apply for UNESCO heritage for sake brewing
Feb 08. 2020
Why We Can't Sleep
Photo by: Grove/Atlantic — HANDOUT
Book World: Why are Gen X women such a mess? A new book explores the many possible reasons.
Feb 08. 2020
Arguing with Zombies
Photo by: Norton — HANDOUT
Book World: Paul Krugman battles conservative 'zombies'
Feb 07. 2020
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