Saturday, March 28, 2020
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Kazakhstan the Heart of Eurasia
Khon Kaen orders shutdown after five Covid-19 cases found
Mar 23. 2020
Khon Kaen confirms first Covid-19 case
Mar 18. 2020
Photo credit: Facebook: tawandangkhonkaen
Entertainment venue closed for sanitisation after visitor found to have returned from Taiwan
Mar 07. 2020
Ubol Ratana Dam at lowest level in 40 years
Jan 17. 2020
Sparkling lights honour the King and usher in 2020 in Khon Kaen
Dec 26. 2019
Somsak Khun-Ngern
Somsak emerges victorious in Khon Kaen by-election
Dec 23. 2019
Khon Kaen Airport expansion one-third complete
Oct 09. 2019
Ex-MP receives death sentence for masterminding murder
Sep 24. 2019
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Anti-Corruption Network calls on Khon Kaen governor to suspend payment to organisers of Mor Lam fest
Sep 17. 2019
Storm, monsoon havoc leaves 10 provinces still flooded
Sep 06. 2019
Authorities tell crocodile farms to beef up security
Sep 06. 2019
Podul, monsoon cause 16 deaths, affect 102,074 households so far
Sep 05. 2019
King brings relief to Khon Kaen flood victims
Sep 04. 2019
Prawit to visit Khon Kaen to inspect flood situation on September 7
Sep 03. 2019
Sticky rice price almost double from last year
Aug 21. 2019
Khon Kaen BBQ vendor complains of being cheated of Bt4,000 by farang
Aug 19. 2019
Businessman arrested over alleged gold trade fraud
Aug 18. 2019
Men wanted for gold shop robbery believed to be hiding in Laos
Aug 16. 2019
Farmers urged to adopt King Bhumibol's model of soil-cement check dams, as well as solar pumps, drip
Aug 14. 2019
Japanese businessman arrested for alleged sex with underage girls
Aug 08. 2019
Curvature of spine can be treated non-surgically, doctors affirm
Aug 02. 2019
Photo courtesy of Khon Kaen University
Sugarcane evaluation drones from Khon Kaen University could improve quality, reduce costs
Aug 02. 2019
Heavy schoolbags not direct cause of scoliosis, says MD
Jul 30. 2019
Police seek Lao assistance in gold shop robbery case
Jul 28. 2019
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